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Trilling True Value Hardware Videos

Welcome to the Trilling Videos

Explore our collection of DIY videos designed to make your home projects a breeze. Our step-by-step guides cover a range of topics to help you tackle every task with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, Trilling videos offer practical advice and easy-to-follow instructions to ensure your success.

Grilling Tips and Techniques

Master the art of grilling with our expert tips and techniques. From choosing the right grill to perfecting your barbecue skills, our videos will make your next cookout a hit.

Dehumidifier How-Tos

Learn how to choose, set up, and maintain dehumidifiers to keep your home comfortable and free from excess moisture. Our videos provide practical advice to ensure optimal performance.

A/C Units and Beating the Summer Heat

Stay cool during the summer months with our comprehensive guides on air conditioning units. Discover how to select the right unit, install it properly, and keep it running efficiently.

Effective Weed Killers

Keep your garden looking its best with our tips on using weed killers. Our videos show you the most effective methods to eliminate weeds and keep them from coming back.

Bug Killers and Pest Control

Say goodbye to pests with our bug killer and pest control videos. Learn about the best products and techniques to protect your home and garden from unwanted intruders.

Milorganite: The Ultimate Fertilizer

Discover the benefits of Milorganite, an eco-friendly fertilizer that can transform your lawn and garden. Our videos guide you through its application and help you achieve lush, green results.

Ice Melt Solutions

Prepare for winter with our ice melt solutions. Learn about the different types of ice melt products and how to use them to keep your walkways and driveways safe and clear.

Spring Planting Tips

Get your garden ready for spring with our planting tips. From selecting the right plants to preparing your soil, our videos provide all the information you need for a vibrant and healthy garden.

Explore Trilling Sheboygan’s video library today and empower yourself with the knowledge to handle any home project!

William Nuehring

“Love this hardware store. Reminds me of stores when I was a kid. They have everything from a to z! OK, not the greatest looking but boy oh boy, you can spend hours here. Staff is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Prices are the most competitive in the area.”

Mark Heidel

“Martens Trilling True Value is a store you would think wouldn’t survive in this age of big- box stores. It is a full- service old- fashioned hardware store that offers excellent customer service as well as a liberal return policy so incase you didn’t get the right item or it doesn’t fit for instance. They offer an array of items for sale and they are conveniently located in downtown Sheboygan! They are always happy to answer questions!”

Jamie Schlueter

“I love going to Trilling when I need an item from a hardware store. This store always seems to have anything you could need. The staff working there also are very knowledgeable and have always been able to answer any questions I have had. I love their location as well.”

Our staff is always ready to help. If you have a question or need a specific products, just ask. Service with a smile 🙂

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