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Lawn and Garden

Our Garden Center has what you need to get your grass or garden growing for any season. From grass seeds for all types of lawns, fertilizers, potting soil, garden sprays and all different kinds of pest and weed control products to help you get your outside job done.

Mowers, Rakes & Landscape Lighting

We sell Toro Lawnmowers and if there is something you need and you can’t find it here at Trilling, here is the Toro link: https://www.toro.com/en

Grills, Firepits, Plants & More

We would be more than happy to order the product you need, just let us know, we are here to help make your lawn perfect!

As you walk into our garden center you will see we sell Scotts Lawn Products such as, The Scotts 4 Step Program, Weed/Feed Fertilizers, Turf Builders, Crabgrass Killer and Winter Guard Fertilizer. If Trilling True Value doesn’t have in the store and it’s something you need for your lawn, click here for the link: Scotts Website

As you already know, if you cannot find it at Trilling True Value Hardware in Sheboygan, you do not need it! On top of that, we have a warehouse filled with 60,000 products that we can have at our store for you. Just ask one of our friendly staff members and they can assist you with your order.


All of our departments are stocked with QUALITY products you need and prices you can afford!

Our warehouse is also stocked with 60,000+ products we can have shipped directly to the store for you.

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