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Recently, we shared a deal on the Green Thumb Weed & Feed and if you are a regular user of the product, then you know exactly how to use it. However, we at Trilling True Value realize that not every person that wants to use the product KNOWS how to use it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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When To Apply Weed & Feed

Just like with anything else that you do during your normal day, there is a specific time when it works for you. That applies to Weed and Feed as well. So when do you apply Weed and Feed?

As the grass is starting to turn green and grow from the rainy days of Spring, the weeds will start to grow as well. This is the best time to apply your Weed and Feed.

Never apply Weed and Feed to a newly seeded lawn until AFTER you have mowed it on two different occasions. As soon as you mowed your lawn, lightly water it as granules are more likely to stick to the weed if they are wet.

If you can help it, apply the Weed and Feed when the temp is below 80* and there is no threat of rain for at least 2 days. DO NOT water your lawn after you apply the Weed and Feed.

How Safe Is Weed and Feed?

Because you are watering the lawn a little before application, children and pets should not be allowed on the lawn until it has time to dry completely.

What Weed and Feed Kills

If you notice a lot of broad leaf style weeds in your yard, the Weed and Feed is the best option. Crabgrass and other weeds that are not considered “broad leaf” are not usually targeted with the Weed and Feed because there is nothing for the granules to sit on.

When to Apply More

Another frequently asked question is regarding how often you should apply. Typically, this type of product you do not want to apply more than 2 times per year. If you have a weed issue that cannot be resolved during the Spring application, it is OK to apply again in the fall.

Just remember to apply it early in the fall so your lawn has time to recover before the winter months hit it hard with cold and snow.

As Always

Remember to read through the instructions carefully. The product will work best when applied at the right time, during the best possible conditions. Good luck!