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SPRING is here and we all want to get outside to clean up the yard and prep our garden for the growing season. Here we are going to cover some of the things that should be a priority on your “spring yard prep” list.

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Dethatch and Aerate your Lawn

Thatch can build up from old grass clippings and mulch mowers that do not cut the grass into fine enough pieces.

Thatching your lawn is quite easy and it should be done within the first or second time that you mow.

Simple take an iron rake, or a thatching rake and move it over the lawn to remove the old grass clippings from last season.

If you have a large lawn, consider renting a walk behind dethatching machine.

Aerating your lawn is a great way to get water to move into the depths of the grass roots.

Doing so will also allow the fertilizer and air to move around under the surface promoting better lawn growth.

Aeration of the lawn should always be done BEFORE you fertilize for the first time in the SPRING.

Fertilize and Seed your Lawn

Now that you have your lawn dethatched and aerated, you can move onto the fertilizer and seeding step.

Applying fertilizer to your lawn will help enrich the soil and creates a lawn that is greener and longer lasting.

Grass roots can get damaged from foot traffic, so applying fertilizer helps promote a healthier root and allows the grass to heal.

Pay attention to the type of grass that you have and what results you want from fertilizer. Each of them will provide a different result for you.

After the frost as finally left the ground, it is a great time to re-seed your lawn.

Spring showers are a great watering system and if you can get seed down before that, you are weeks ahead of the game when planting new grass.

Fertilize and Mulch Garden Beds

One of the worst parts about getting your garden beds ready is removing the old dead plants and weeds that might have taken over.

However, starting with a clean slate is a great way for the fertilizer to enrich the soil and create a stronger bed for your new plants and flowers.

When using fertilizer, make sure you read the instructions and apply accordingly to get the best results.

If you are unsure what product is right for your situation, feel free to call us or contact us on our Facebook page.

Adding mulch to your garden bed is a great way to keep the weeds from growing, the moisture levels higher during the dry season and provides a cleaner look to the bed.

Prepare Your Patio

Now that you have done all of the work in your yard, it is time to sit back and enjoy it.

Go over the patio and check for cracks or other damage that might have occurred during the winter months.

Clean the patio with a stiff broom or leaf blower. It is also a good idea to use a garden hose with a powerful spray to clean up the dirt and dust that is left over.

If you have a wooden deck, spray between the boards to remove any dirt or debris that might contribute to issues like the wood rotting over time.

Pull all of your patio furniture out of the storage area and inspect it for wear and damage.

Cleaning up patio furniture is as easy as using a wet cloth and some dish soap. Allow to air dry.

If you notice stains or larger dirt spots, a soft brush might be needed to clean it up.

Now that you have everything cleaned up and ready to grow into a nice, clean healthy lawn and garden, you can sit back and enjoy it all. Stop in the store and check our latest selection of wind chimes, bird houses and yard decor.