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Living in Wisconsin has many perks, but after a wet Spring, many of those perks are forgotten due to the overwhelming attention given to the mosquito population!

Wet Springs bring many mosquitoes and Trilling True Value wants to help you beat them this summer. Here are 5 ways that you can reduce the annoying bite of mosquitoes and enjoy your summer.

Apply Insect Repellent

Having at least 1 can available when spending time outside is never a bad thing. Products like Deep Woods OFF and similar products that contain DEET will help repel mosquitoes. The best time to apply it would be right before you head outside for the day, and later in the evening when the are most active.

Trilling True Value has DEET related products on sale this time of the year, so stop in and ask to find out which product would work best in your situation.

Avoid Mosquito HOT SPOTS If Possible

One of the best ways to avoid mosquitoes is to avoid where they are likely to hang out. In many cases, you are going to find then around any standing water. Bird baths are a great place for them to lay eggs, so make sure you are refreshing the water at least 1 time per day in the Spring and Summer.

Keep The Air Moving

Mosquitoes can fly around your head all day long, but even the slightest breeze will throw them off course. Since they are not considered strong flyers (which is why they are more active right after sunrise and right before sunset), keeping a fan nearby the patio can work wonders.

Use An Insect Net

Sometimes, the buggers can really put a damper on your party in the summer. Using a mosquito net of some kind has been known to be effective to keeping them from biting you.

Light Colored Clothing Does Help

It is a well-known fact that these pests are attracted to darker colors. With that being said, wearing lighter colored clothing can reduce the chances of you being followed around your yard by a flock of blood thirsty bugs.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases and even though they are not common in the United States, there are reports of West Nile over the last few years. Always be prepared.

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