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Dealing with snow and ice on your car’s windshield is a common winter challenge in Sheboygan County. Here’s how to clear it off safely and efficiently, without damaging your windshield or wipers.

1. Use the Right Tools
Invest in a good quality ice scraper and snow brush. These tools are designed to remove ice and snow without scratching your windshield. Avoid using metal tools or kitchen utensils, as they can damage the glass.

2. Turn on Your Defroster
Start your car and let the defroster run for a few minutes. The warm air will help loosen the ice, making it easier to scrape off. Make sure your car is in a well-ventilated area to avoid carbon monoxide buildup.

3. Apply De-icing Fluid
You can purchase a commercial de-icer or make your own by mixing three parts vinegar with one part water. Spray it on the windshield to help melt the ice. This solution is effective and eco-friendly.

4. Scrape in a Safe Direction
Hold the ice scraper firmly and use broad strokes to remove the ice. Start from the top of the windshield and work your way down. Be gentle around the wiper blades to avoid damaging them.

5. Clear Snow Before Ice
If there’s a layer of snow on top of the ice, brush it off first. This reduces the weight on your windshield and makes it easier to deal with the ice underneath.

6. Preventative Measures
To prevent ice buildup, you can cover your windshield with a snow cover or old blankets at night. This makes your morning routine much quicker and simpler.

7. Check Your Wiper Blades
After clearing the ice, check your wiper blades for damage. If they are cracked or torn, replace them to ensure good visibility during winter driving.

8. Be Patient
Never pour hot water on a frozen windshield, as the sudden temperature change can cause it to crack. Be patient and allow enough time for the defroster and de-icing methods to work.