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Quick list of all departments within the Trilling True Value Hardware store in Sheboygan. Click to view more info about each department.

Remember, “if you can’t find it at Trilling, then you probably don’t need it!”

Lawn and Garden

Our Garden Center has what you need to get your grass or garden growing for any season. From grass seeds for all types of lawns, fertilizers, potting soil, garden sprays and all different kinds of pest and weed control products to help you get your outside job done.


Let your inspirations start here.  Come see our endless paint choice possibilities.  We will be happy to match any color with our Match Rite Color machine.  We have everything to complete your project from brushes, roller pads, paint trays, scrapers and paint traps.


At Trilling we have all the hardware you need from shelf hooks, door knobs and locks, door springs, furniture casters, wheel casters, gate hooks and much, much more.  If you only need one of something remember at Trilling we sell only one – buy only what you need!


Plumbing is an important environment in your home.  Trilling True Value can help prepare you for all your plumbing needs. Whether  it is opening a clogged drain, backed up toilet, replacing a water heater or a sump pump,  we are here to help. We also carry replacement parts for some KOHLER toilets and faucets.


From the minute you walk in our doors you see our tool table.  These tables carry an assortment of tools from hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, to clamps of any size and cable ties in all different sizes and varieties.  These tables are sell priced tools.  We also carry BRAND name circular saws, cordless drill sets, jigsaws and reciprocating saws.


Our store cuts over 20,000 keys a year. We have “state of the art” key machines that can cut keys for your house, garage, lockers, master locks, and almost all cars. We guarantee our keys will work, if not, we will re-cut your key or re-fund your money. We stand behind every key we cut.


Take care of electrical projects yourself with the help of  Trilling True Value. We can help with replacement circuit breakers, watch batteries, electrical tools, wiring, fittings, adapters and many other products for the do-it-yourself electrical projects. 


We have all the supplies you need such as  bleach, laundry soaps, anti-bacterial multi-surface cleaners,  brooms, dust pans, garbage bags, garbage cans, paper towels, toilet paper, small kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils.  Shop today and  you will be amazed at the products we have in our store.


Cars are important to your day to day life, you need them to get where you are going, whether it’s work or play.  As with  everything else in life they require care in order to keep them in great running order.  Trilling True Value has just about everything you need for the maintenance care of your car such as motor oil, grease, lubricants, filters and tools to do it.

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All of our departments are stocked with products you need and prices you can afford! And our warehouse has even more. Chat with us and we can get you what you need!

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