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901 Michigan Avenue • Sheboygan, WI 53081 • (920) 457-5541


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Cars are important to your day to day life, you need them to get where you are going, whether it’s work or play.  As with  everything else in life they require care in order to keep them in great running order.  Trilling True Value has just about everything you need for the maintenance care of your car such as motor oil, grease, lubricants, filters and tools to do it.  Once you have it running great you want to keep it looking great Trilling has that too, car wash, wax, lint free clothes, sponges, buckets and air fresheners because the inside must smell great too. Trilling True Value has your automotive needs and if we don’t have it on the shelf, ask we can always special order your needs.

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Snow brushes, washer fluid, antifreeze

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